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Elder abuse law
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Elder Law
A nursing home exists to care for elders that do not require constant, intensive hospital care, but need more care than they can provide themselves at home and elder law is meant to protect them and provide the best care. A nursing home is able to administer care for elders requiring some management of a medical condition without needing the delicate care of a hospital facility. Today there are over 17,000 nursing homes nationwide, with 1.6 million nursing home residents, and with that many facilities in operation it is important that elder law is upheld.

The need for a nursing home is based on the individual's requirement for constant assistance and since they are unable to provide the best care on their own, elder law is important. A nursing home is different because it does not require that resident to be watched 24-hours a day, but for instance the elder may need help moving around or remembering to take medication at certain hours. About half of every nursing home resident requires some type of assistance with at least three of their every day routines. Instances of abuse and neglect have resulted in nursing homes that indicate elder law is not as strong as it should be in protecting loved ones. Currently, elder law is under high public scrutiny.

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Should I contact an attorney if a loved one has been neglected, abused, or otherwise injured in a nursing home or other assisted living facility?

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Get Educated

You should be aware of what rights exist for a resident inside a nursing home. Upon admission of an elder to a nursing home, they should provide you with a copy of Federal and State rules and regulations. In addition, obtain a state copy of rights and regulations as they apply to nursing homes in your state. This can be obtained from the state department of health. In addition, you should be aware of who the nursing home advocate or ombudsman is and how to contact them.
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Should I contact an attorney if a loved one has been abused in a nursing home or other assisted living facility?

It is very important that you contact an attorney if you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected inside a nursing home. A knowledgeable attorney can help you protect your loved one's legal rights.

If the immediate safety and health of your loved one is not in jeopardy, but you feel that they have suffered some form of abuse or neglect, you should contact an attorney.

Legal Assistance

because you let the state know about a specific offense, may not bring you the elder law,nursing home law,nursing home abuse,nursing home attorneyjustice that you and your loved ones deserve. Taking legal action is often the quickest and most direct route to obtaining justice for institutional elder abuse.

The State Takes Action

The state agent handling the case is supposed to contact the individual who filed the complaint to discuss the complaint in more detail. Many states tell you that they will contact you within a few days of receiving your complaint.

The agent is then supposed to make a surprise visit to the facility to investigate the specific complaint. In the case that the alleged offense is found to be true, the state will take whatever steps they feel is appropriate.












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Staff Treatment

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